Which Watch Should I Watch Out For

Which Watch Should I Watch Out For
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I love wristwatches. In my earlier days, I was a Swatch collector. I eventually matured into more serious watches like Concords and Omegas. They are amazing instruments to toy with, wear and collect. Better watches are also easier to sell. They come in such a vast variety of materials, colors, metals, functions, etc. You could be a watch nut like me and own scores of them and switch from one to another. I have been known to switch off watches during one day like my girls wear multiple outfits of clothing in a day.

However, most people are practical and cost conscious and don't want to create their own watch store. They want to have one good watch. Today with smart and cell phones, some folks have decided that a watch is no longer necessary. I don't subscribe to that school of thought. Whether driving or at your desk, a wristwatch is always more accessible. To me the high quality automatic steel watch is the most versatile and most sensible.

With steel, it is durable and will not sweat or wilt like leather, particularly on hot days. It is also neutral and goes with everything you wear.

Automatic is the movement of purists. With a display back, nothing is more awesome to wear and watch. The finest movements available today are of course automatic. They are not all a fortune and even if you will not use it everyday, watch-winders to store them are now inexpensive.

The epitome of the fine steel watch is the Rolex. Plenty of deals abound for preowned ones as well. It is nice looking, high quality and speaks volumes as to your stature and taste. Less expensive is the Omega, also a very fine timepiece.

I have actually acquired well made automatics both new and preowned for under the $2,000.00 mark. In fact some nice automatics can be found for under $1,000.00

While I do like an adventure and challenge, I have scored many amazing deals on eBay. Make sure you have a well rated, multiple transaction seller. With Pay Pal payment you also get an added layer of protection. This is where some of my best finds have come from. In addition, there are many good on line dealers where you can also gave success.

I could go on and on about finding, selecting, buying, selling, etc. which I will in subsequent blog posts. Some inexpensive and nice quality pieces are also coming out of places other than Switzerland too. Need some tips or help with resolving a possible dispute, I am always an email away. Happy watch hunting!

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