Turn me on
With your sweet desire
To please - to appease
To admire, in this hour.

You want- I want.
With Our bodies near
The pulse of my woman
Rides your fluid hand.

It reaches. It touches.
It brushes. It rushes
Up from the toes
To the open flower
I'll call my soul.

Mates as we are
In another place
Or time. Even space.
Drawn together souls
Soul Lifetime Mates.

The yearn of the spin
That whirling twirling
Of my mind -my heart
As you dance behind me
Catching my breath
In the nape of my neck
That you tell me is mine
For you only --it's meant
That only you, know the scent
And you're full with me.

My womanly desire knows
As the mix master
you play me so well.
With your beat, your throb
I am your band, your instrument, the piece
You pick, pluck and strum
To the hmmmmm of my hum.

Your pleasure you say
Is to please, please and please.
Who could it be? Me.
Never before was that the gift.
But never before did I want to stay
Full, with you, and my woman
Slides, slopes and slithers deeper into
The wrapped, woven depths
Of endless summers, weeks and days.
Mostly... endless yous.

I hear your want.
I want your want.
I never knew.
I want to know.
That you loving you
Nudges me closer
To you wanting me
Me wanting you
Pulling me magnetically
As I'm so,
so very in-
Into you.

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