Whipped Cream, We Love You This Much (PHOTOS)

A Love Letter To Whipped Cream

There are a lot of reasons to love whipped cream. And though some of them are a little dubious, we're here to say that our love for this ultimate form of dairy is pure (it has nothing to do with what Cosmopolitan says it can do for your sex life).

If it weren't for whipped cream, there would be no ice-box cakes (taking a lot of the fun out of summer). Strawberry short cakes would be nothing more than fruit with cake. With whipped cream, a cup of hot chocolate tastes richer, creamier, even warmer somehow.

To top if off, whipped cream is so easy to make. And if you're feeling lazy, the canned version is also amazing. What more could you ask for from a creamy sweet fix? It's for all these reasons that we adore whipped cream and of course, for the reasons below.

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Whipped Cream, We Love You

We Love Whipped Cream

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