Aged whiskey + new gift ideas = 👏👏👏👏👏

Everyone's got that one friend who loves whiskey. And everyone has the same struggle to find them a new and exciting gift that friend doesn't already have.

Year after year, we are berated with the same old gift ideas for our boozy buds: whiskey stones, whiskey tastings, DIY whiskey barrels, the list goes on.

Whether you live with a whiskey lover, work with one or paired with one for for secret santa, there are ways to make gift-giving feel fresh, even if your recipient prefers things a bit ... aged.

Behold, nine gifts for every type of whiskey lover in your life.

For the "Candy Crush" fan:
iPhone case, Society6, $35
For the suit:
Bourbon barrel cufflinks, Etsy, $49
For the matchy-matchy:
Limited edition drinking shoe set, Basil Hayden's x Quoddy, $399.98
For the funny one:
Whiskey on the rocks earrings, Etsy, $9.95
For the scent-sitive one:
Eau de parfum, Sephora, $99
For the nerd:
The Whisky Exchange
Elements of Islay T-shirt, The Whisky Exchange, $16.74
For the fashionista:
Cynthia Rowley
Flask bangle, Cynthia Rowley, $398
For the food lover:
Whiskey sour pickles, Brooklyn Brine Co., $7.95
For the *truly* devoted:
River Drive
Bourbon barrel flooring, River Drive, inquire for price.

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