Why Whiskey Stones, Balls And Rocks Will Never Be Better Than Ice

Sit down and enjoy your whiskey the way it was meant to be drunk. On ice.

Over the last few years, we've seen an increased trend in whiskey-chilling accessories. You've probably seen them called whiskey stones, whiskey balls, etc. We're here today to recommend the cheapest, most efficient and most delicious way to chill your whiskey. Are you ready? It's called ice.

Listen, you guys: do not pay $19.95 for pieces of rock that you can put in your freezer. Do not even pay for stainless steel balls to roll around in your glass (although, Balls of Steel does give a portion of their proceeds to help cure testicular cancer, so you can buy them, but please don't put them in your whiskey). The most money you should pay for a whiskey-chilling mechanism is whatever it costs you to have access to filtered water and a freezer. It's called ice.

Whiskey wants ice. We would argue that it needs it. A little bit of water melting into whiskey helps it to bloom -- by which we mean brings out all the flavors and aromas that sometimes get trapped under the bracing hit of alcohol. Now, no one wants watered-down whiskey, so make sure the ice you're using is BIG. This way, your whiskey will be cold, kissed with enough water to make it perfect and you'll finish your glass long before the whole ice cube melts. If you must spend money on anything (aside from really great whiskey, that is) drop a few dollars on a silicone ice cube tray that will make you big, slow-melting, glorious blocks of ice.

Then sit down, and enjoy your whiskey the way it was meant to be drunk. On ice.

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