Whiskey, Tea Perfumes By Commodity Will Have You Smelling Like Your Drink

Eau de alcohol is ready for you.

Usually when someone smells like whiskey, that's not a good thing. But perfume company Commodity wants to change that. This scent start-up hopes to start a different conversation about perfumes and colognes.

The company allows you to fill out a scent profile, and it will mail you samples you may enjoy. Or, you can just go ahead and purchase the whiskey (for men) or tea (for women):

whiskey perfume

While these perfumes are not meant as novelty items, there are several other food perfumes on the marketplace that are, like this bacon cologne. And who could forget the Pizza Hut perfume?

We're liking where Commodity is heading though, and look forward to hearing about future food or drink scents. May we suggest eau de chocolate cake?

Learn more about Commodity here:

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