Whisky Advent Calendar Lets You Booze In The Days Leading Up To Christmas

Booze Your Way To Christmas With This Whisky Advent Calendar

Remember Advent calendars? You know, the calendars used to count down the days remaining until Christmas, which often have chocolate goodies tucked away inside each entry's window.

Spirits company Master of Malt is offering a more grown-up version, The Whisky Advent Calendar, which features concealed containers of whisky in place of sweets.

Each container contains about a shot's worth of a different whisky. Masters of Malt's web site is keeping quiet on the varieties of whisky hidden inside the calendar -- that would ruin the surprise! -- but it does concede that among them is a 50-year-old Scotch whisky that, if sold in a full-sized bottle, would cost nearly $560 (£350).

Keep that in mind when considering the steep price of $239.60. For those unwilling to plunk down that much cash, there's also a gin version, The Ginvent Calendar priced at $127.75 that includes spirits from both "market-leaders" and "the rarer, artisanal brands."

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