The Whisky Tornado: A Shot You Can Inhale

It's the strongest shot you'll ever down.

If you still haven't acquired the taste for whisky -- don't worry, some people just never do -- or if you're always looking for an excuse to take that next shot (and we're not judging), you need to know about the Whisky Tornado. The whisky tornado, created by a team of artists and scientists at King's College in London, is a column of whisky vapor that you inhale.

The Whisky Tornado was part of the King's Festival of Food, a two-week long festival that brings experts on all topics related to food together. Sam Bompas and Harry Parr, the scientists responsible, built a glass chamber that creates a column of vapor (of whisky) with the help of strong humidifiers and negative air pressure. To "drink it," you just inhale the mist through a straw.

And yes, the alcohol is still effective -- even more so than normal since it bypasses the liver -- so inhale responsibly.

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