Customs Officers Forced Women To Strip: Whistleblower (VIDEO)

Whistleblower: Horny Customs Officers Forced Female Passengers 'To Strip Naked'

U.S. Customs Officer Cathy Harris took a bold stance against the abuses her co-workers were committing, and paid dearly for it. She told HuffPost Live host Mike Sacks about her experience. Harris described seeing her co-workers "taking female passengers, African American women, and forcing them to strip naked" as punishment, doing it "because these women refused their sexual advances." Sometimes the customs officers would end up "handcuffing these women to the bed for up to four days," drawing overtime pay all the while.

Harris explained that she went through the chain of command to report the behavior, and then was sidelined herself.

"If you blow the whistle, you have to follow through until changes are made," she said. "It's all about making changes."

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