Whistling Vessels Return the Sound and Experience of Transformation and Healing to Seattle

Last night, I met with six other adventurers for a session with the set of Peruvian Whistling Vessels that I have been stewarding since their creation in 2002. These unique beings form a sort of village that has been gathering dust on my shelf for nearly three years. Before that, I regularly shared them in sacred ceremony throughout the Northwest, but the past few years have been filled with a great deal of change in my life and the Whistling Vessels seem to have fallen through the cracks.


Still, I was constantly aware of their presence in my life and their call to join with humans in a community of genuine healing, transformation and manifestation. I also knew that such tools ask only one thing of their human caretakers -- use us or pass us on to someone who will.

So, after meeting with an old friend who had shared several such experiences with me, I responded to the call. The Whistling Vessels and I were invited to a friend's home. She had participated in a few of the past Whistling Vessel Ceremonies and encouraged me to bring them out again.

Thus, the seven of us came together yesterday evening to join with these sacred tools in an individual community journey of consciousness exploration. As their creator Daniel Statnekov explains the Whistling Vessels,

"I continue to make and tune my instruments in the same way as the pre-Columbian Andean craftspeople who had preceded me. I continue to believe that what the Andean shaman/priests were doing with these instruments remains to be re-discovered. Certainly, they are a remnant of a lost art. In all likelihood, they are part of a psycho-spiritual tradition, an element in a technology of sound that disappeared along with the Inca Empire in the 16th century."

Last night, that technology emerged again for a small community of seven. Each of us reported a different positive experience ranging from feeling that all the bones in the spine were realigned to sensing an expanding light energy emerging from the body.

Then there are the sounds created. They can't be recorded, much less described. Each person "hears" something different at every moment, and none of the "sounds" actually exist in physical reality. For each participant, what is "heard" is a combination of two or more unique frequencies entering each ear and being combined in the brain to create something even more unique in the same manner as modern Holosync technology.

Regardless of what a person hears, the resulting experiences are always transformative, moving people deeply into or toward something that they seek. And, by entering into the process with a clear intention, people usually find themselves progressing quickly in the areas of healing, transformation and manifestation.

Now that this set of Whistling Vessels has again emerged into the consciousness of the community, they welcome invitations to create conscious impermanent communities with groups of interested explorers. May we all find such tools to support us as we progress on our individual and collective paths.