White Actors Shut Out At Blacademy Awards

Hollywood was abuzz this morning at the seeming snub of white actors at the announced nominations for the 87th Blacademy Awards. Across four acting categories, all twenty nominees were black.

"It's not that white actors weren't good enough," said a Blacademy spokesperson, "It's just that there were a lot of great performances by black actors this year. In fact, some very good black actors weren't even nominated. That's how you know it's not a race issue."

The Blacademy also pointed to last year, when a white actress, and a white screenwriter, both won awards. "That's proof that sometimes, a white person can win," the Blacademy spokesperson said.

Of the 6,000 members of the Blacademy, 90% are black, inducted for their outstanding work, as well as by recommendations from other Blacademy members.

One Blacademy member who requested to remain anonymous did however admit, "If Reese Witherspoon changes her name to Della Reese Witherspoon, next year she might have a shot."

Watch the Blacademy Awards on February 15th!

Trey Ellis and Stephen Kessler are writers and filmmakers. One of them is a member of the Academy.