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White Board Eyemask Might Be The Cleverest In-Flight Invention We've Seen...Or Maybe Not

Tired of missing in-flight snacks because you're snoozing? Luckily, an inventor has thought of a quirky solution...two actually.

Of his first eye mask (sans white board), Jason Lichtman, CEO and founder of Eclipse Products LLC, told HuffPost Travel via email: "As a frequent traveler, I struggled to fall asleep and then stay asleep on flights, just as most people do. I wasn't impressed with traditional sleep masks as they let a lot of light in where the mask crosses your nose. I set out to design my ideal sleep mask for traveling. I made and tested many prototypes at home as well as in the air. I knew I was on the right track as I started to fall asleep earlier into each flight and then stay asleep much longer. I got to the point where I was often asleep before takeoff and could stay asleep through the majority of an average domestic flight."

The mask is made of foam and fleece and has eye cutouts that helps reduce the smudging of makeup--bonus: it allows for rapid eye movement so you can get deeper sleep while traveling. The shade's adjustable strap has storage for ear plugs to boot.

As for his whiteboard eye mask, the idea came to him on a cross-country flight. Lichtman claims he was already asleep, but woke up thirsty, but he'd missed the beverage service. "I thought to myself that if I had only printed 'Please wake up for beverage service' on the mask, I would have been able to wake up to a cold cup of orange juice. The flight attendant would have seen my message and woken me up when he or she pulled up to my row with the beverage cart. Simple as that. That was my 'ah hah' moment."

Lichtman hopes to sell the eye mask, made of foam and fleece, at airport kiosks, in in-flight magazines and online (the total eclipse is being sold for $19.99, the whiteboard is being sold for $24.99).

But the question remains...Would you buy it and actually wear this during a flight?

Total Eclipse Whiteboard Sleeping Mask