White Castle Weddings: Couples Tie The Knot At Fast Food Restaurant (VIDEO)

For fast food lovers, White Castle is a kind of high church. So it's only fitting that a wedding would one day be held at the burger chain.

In 2009, it actually was, when Clinton Smith and Rosemary Coones tied the knot at a downtown Louisville, Kentucky White Castle -- the world's largest location of the restaurant. The pair won their nuptials in a contest sponsored by the fast-food chain and local radio station DJX 99.7. The wedding, which featured a burger-shaped cake and a performance by the band White Tie Affair, was supposed to have been held in a nearby park, but the couple wasn't able to go through with the original plan because of a budget-related park closure. The change of venue was perhaps meant to be: in the video, bride Coones explains that her parents had their first date at White Castle, and as a child, she would return to the establishment with them every year on Valentine's Day. So it's appropriate that the wedding be held not only at the restaurant, but on Valentine's Day, no less.

Groom Smith is equally sentimental. In the video he says: "It's about how much we care about each other and love each other that matters, not where it's at or who all is there."

Sure, Smith and Coones' wedding video isn't exactly new, but we couldn't resist revisiting it, especially because the White Castle couple is hardly alone.

The following year, another Louisville couple followed in their footsteps, walking down the (grease-stained?) aisle on Valentine's Day in another station-sponsored contest (the nuptials were followed by burgers, fries and onion rings served on silver platters, according to a report).

In February 2011, an Ohio couple said "I do" again, this time at their local White Castle.

Then, in April of 2011, another Michigan couple planned their own "royal wedding" at a White Castle on the same day as William and Kate's nuptials. Marquisa Benford and Donavhan Gray met at a White Castle restaurant in 2009 and held their ceremony there with the help of another wedding contest, this time from local radio station 98.7.

So what do you think--would you ever tie the knot at a White Castle?