White Coke Cans, Designed For Winter Holidays, Get Canned Because Drinkers Think It's Diet

Coca-Cola announced that it's canning this year's design for white holiday season Coke cans before the holiday season even began, reports the Wall Street Journal.

The cans feature silver polar bears on a white background, and were designed, in part, to support the WWF's efforts to conserve habitat for polar bears. But many customers found the cans hard to distinguish from Diet Coke cans, which are silver and red, causing confusion in grocery stores and restaurants alike. So Coke has decided to sub the white background for a more traditional red -- though the company is keeping the polar bears.

The Huffington Post has its own anecdotal evidence to suggest the prudence of Coke's decision to abandon the new design. Not one, but two, senior editors in our New York newsroom admitted to confusing the white regular Coke cans for Diet Coke.

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