'White Collar' Premiere: Neal Finally Gets Some Answers From Sam, And It Changes Everything (VIDEO)

"White Collar" returned with a new mission for Neal and the gang. He finally got some answers out of Sam -- who turned out to be his dad James Bennett, not so dead after all. While James admitted that he was a dirty cop, he was never the cop killer Neal and his mother had always believed. He had been framed by the Flynn mob family he'd been working for.

"The only way to protect everyone was to confess and turn state’s evidence against the Flynns," he explained to Neal. "The marshalls immediately pulled you and your mother into witness protection."

He'd intended to join them in witness protection, but by then Neal's mother had filed for divorce. "I don’t blame her. She thought I was a cop killer," he said.

But, Sam said there is evidence that could clear his name. It was in a box that his former police partner Ellen had, only now that she's dead, that could take some work to find it. In other worse, the challenge is laid down for the back half of Season 4.

Find out how they solve this conundrum as "White Collar" continues on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EST on USA.

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