'White Collar': Neal Gets Drugged, Remembers His Love Of Criminal Activity (VIDEO)

A psychiatrist specializing in impulse control drugged Neal on "White Collar." She was trying to make him spill his secrets, but there was another side effect of the drugs. Neal remembered just how much he liked criminal activity. By the end of the hour, he'd resolved to change some things in his life.

"Change the state of play. I've been serving too many masters," he told Mozzie. "I'm through being everyone's puppet." He said that when the time comes, he plans on cutting all of the strings binding him.

The AV Club's Kenny Herzog called it "fairly mischevious territory" for the show. Over at TV Equals, Michelle Carlbert said that this episode made her realize that the show is more about balancing Neal's good and bad sides rather than Neal finding redemption. "The fun part now is going to be watching him be naughty and nice at once," she wrote.

Enjoy the balancing act on "White Collar," Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on USA.

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