'White Collar': Neal Gets A New Handler, But Is He Just A 'Lap Dog'? (VIDEO)

After four seasons of watching Peter wrangle Neal as his FBI handler on "White Collar," viewers were treated to a very different dynamic. Warren Kole ("The Following") joined the cast as David Siegel. The much younger agent does have related experience, as he supervised another con who helped with cases in Chicago.

And Neal had better be careful around him, as David sent his last C.I. to prison. Early in their relationship, Peter had some misgivings. David was coming across as a bit of a pushover, so Peter told him that Neal does't need a lap dog as a handler. When David insisted he was no lap dog, Peter said, "You sure as hell fooled me."

"I’m hoping I fooled him, too," David said slyly. TV Fanatic's Chandel Charles said that she's "really liking the dynamic [David]'s going to create." The AV Club's Kenny Herzog was impressed, too, calling actor Kole a "surprisingly welcome presence."

Still, TV Equals' Michelle Carlbert noted that David doesn't have quite the "Neal-dar" that Peter has accumulated after a decade of chasing him. Only time will tell whether David or Neal will get the upper hand on "White Collar," continuing Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on USA.

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