'White Collar' Summer Finale: Neal Gets A Bombshell Dropped On Him About Sam (VIDEO)

Ever since Neal found his dad's old buddy Sam, it's been a game of learning and growing to trust one another. But in the summer finale of "White Collar," Neal learned something about Sam that may have rocked his trust to the ground. It wasn't even Sam that told him. Instead, he got a phone call from Peter.

"There’s something … something you have to know, Neal," Peter told him. A moment later, the phone dropped out of Neal's hand as he turned to look at Sam. Or at least the man pretending to be Sam.

"Why didn’t you tell me?” he asked him. "That you’re my father.”

All this time, Neal has been working under the assumption that his father was dead. And he's been working with "Sam" to try and find out who killed his brother. And all this time, Sam was keeping this huge secret from him? That's a pretty devastating blow.

TVFanatic was pretty excited about the reveal, and what it can do for the show moving forward, writing, "the twist of fate will give fans some well-deserved reveals to our most burning questions, even as the revelation will cause ... even more." The reviewer also speculated on how this might change the father-son dynamic between Peter and Neal.

"White Collar" is expected to return to wrap its season in early 2013 on USA.

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