White Goat Converts Office Paper Into Toilet Paper (VIDEO)

White Goat Converts Office Paper Into Toilet Paper (VIDEO)

Meet White Goat, a machine from the Oriental, Co. Ltd. that will convert office paper into toilet paper.

How does it work? Just feed used office paper into one end of the machine, and it'll come out as rolls of toilet paper on the other side.

According to a report by DigInfo, it takes 30 minutes and 40 sheets of A4 office paper to create one roll of toilet paper, and White Goat claims to be able to save 60 cedar trees annually.

The $100,000 machine is set to go on sale sometime this spring. But as DVICE notes, it may not pay for itself: 'At an average cost per roll of about 60 cents, our calculations show you'd have to crank out 200,000 rolls of TP before it pays for itself.'

Eco-friendly recycling solution or just plain bizarre? See White Goat in action in the video below then tell us what you think!


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