'White Guys Doing It By Themselves' Tumblr Confirms What We Sadly Already Knew

If for some inexplicable reason you believe America is prejudiced against white men, stop reading now. But if you're (understandably) concerned about the overrepresentation of white men -- and therefore the underrepresentation of everyone else -- in almost every area of business and politics, then you'll probably enjoy White Guys Doing It By Themselves.

The blog is "a tribute to white men totally comfortable telling everyone else how it's gonna be," started in September 2013 by Erin Matson. The Tumblr's contents include photographs from political panels, events and meetings, screenshots from news shows, and "mansplaining" quotes -- all featuring exclusively white men, of course.

white guys doing it
Source: Erin Matson

Matson was inspired to start the blog after becoming frustrated at the lack of diversity in important public conversations and disheartened that more people didn't notice it. "I got sick of it," she told The Huffington Post. "I got sick of seeing white guys doing it by themselves all the time. On TV, in newspapers, in the government. We talk about [diversity] every day, but the problem persists."

According to Matson, reactions to her awareness-raising project have been mixed. In an Oct. 22 blog post she revealed that she has been called "sexist" and a "racist b*tch."

"Pointing out white male dominance is not an attack on white men," Matson wrote. "It is an attack on the centuries-old practice of racism and sexism excluding everyone but white men from the levers of power, and the invisibility that allows that discrimination to continue."

white men doing it
Source: Erin Matson

Luckily, nasty comments and Tweets are not discouraging Matson from her task.

"The ultimate goal is to have the diversity that we need in the public conversation," she told HuffPost. "Who is present at the table controls the perspective."



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