Trump White House Staffers Reportedly Have A 'Dead Pool' On Who Will Be Next To Go

They're filling out a different kind of bracket.

While many Americans were filling out brackets with their March Madness picks, officials in the White House of President Donald Trump were placing a different kind of bet.

They’ve reportedly placed odds on who will be the next one out the door.

Josh Dawsey of The Washington Post wrote on Twitter:

MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle replied:

The reports come amid turmoil at the White House, with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson fired just weeks after White House communications director Hope Hicks resigned.

Trump has also reportedly asked Chief of Staff John Kelly ― himself rumored to be on the chopping block ― to fire White House advisers Ivanka Trump (the president’s daughter) and Jared Kushner (his son-in-law).

Numerous lower-levels staffers have also left or were forced out, while reports say there may be more Cabinet-level changes to come.

Here is some of the reaction to reports of the betting pool... which includes more than a few people trying to place their own bets:

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