Man Who Dressed Up As White House Easter Bunny Usually Serves With Dignity

But when the White House needed a guy for the rabbit suit, this military officer hopped to it.

An officer in the U.S. Navy is making waves for the way he served his country on Monday.

Cmdr. Richard I. Lawlor usually helps out President Donald Trump as a naval attaché. But when the White House needed someone to portray the most famous rabbit in the world, he bravely dressed up as the Easter Bunny for the annual Easter Egg Roll.    

Twitter users enjoyed his shocked expression ― or rather the bunny costume’s ― as the president and first lady greeted guests.

“Could they have found a more shocked looking bunny?” one tweet asked, per Inside Edition.

Even more shocking: Until Lawlor’s name was made public, Mashable reports that many people thought the bunny might be former White House press secretary Sean Spicer, who wore the costume in 2008.

The gig was a far cry from Lawlor’s usually more dignified public appearances. According to the Daily Mail, he has sometimes been called on to read out the citations when Trump ― and before him, President Barack Obama ― present national honors like the Medal of Honor and the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Still, being the White House Easter Bunny is not an easy gig, according to Spicer, who previously told reporters the costume is really hot and the visibility is so bad that he could barely see the kids.



Sean Spicer Was The White House Easter Bunny