Yet Again, The White House Interns Are Overwhelmingly White

The diversity issues in the White House continue.

Vice President Mike Pence tweeted Wednesday that he had met with the summer 2017 White House interns. The official Snapchat account for the White House also shared a few photographs from the day.

But there was something particularly jarring about the pictures ...

As many Twitter users noted, there are very few people of color in all the photographs. The majority of the interns are white.

This summer's intern class, predominantly white and male, was put on display earlier this week when President Donald Trump posed with them for a photo op Monday, leading the Twittersphere to comment on the overwhelming amount of white faces: 

The lack of diversity among the White House interns has been a topic of discussion for quite a while. Last July, there was backlash after House Speaker Paul Ryan posted a selfie on Instagram with the Capitol Hill interns, who were also mostly white. 

Ryan’s photo stood in stark contrast to a follow-up picture taken by a group of Democratic House interns and interns from the Congressional Black Caucus.

Their photograph was far more representative of the country’s diversity: 

According to The Washington Post, women are more than half of the U.S. population and “as of 2015, 44 percent of all people ages 18-34 are minorities.”

Those being groomed as the future of our government should look like our country. And they don’t.



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