White House Website Removes The Judicial Branch (UPDATE: It's Back)

The page appeared to have been scrubbed after the inauguration.

UPDATE, Jan. 30: The White House has restored the link on its homepage as of Monday morning.


Two out of three ain’t bad.

On the White House website, there’s a section entitled “Our Government,” which lists the executive and legislative branches and even mentions the Constitution, federal agencies as well as state and local government

But it has one glaring omission: the entire judicial branch.

Gizmodo reported that much of the copy for these background pages seem to have been kept from when President Barack Obama was in the White House. However, during the Obama administration, the White House website had a page for the judiciary.

The page was removed one day after Trump’s inauguration, The Hill reported.

Then again, after a federal judge halted parts of Trump’s executive order banning travelers from seven nations with mostly Muslim populations over the weekend, maybe he’s just trying to forget all about the judiciary.

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