MAD Magazine: Time Stole Its Cover From Us!

Both covers show the White House dominated by Russia.

MAD magazine is seeing red over Time’s new cover, which shows the onion domes of Moscow looming over the White House of President Donald Trump

Time also released an animated version of the cover online: 

But MAD featured a similar image in December, although not as a cover: 

The magazine’s editors wrote:

“Once More, With Stealing Dept.In 1952, Time Magazine called MAD ‘a short lived, satirical pulp.’ Now they’re stealing our material! Honestly, we’re flattered, but we would have appreciated a credit ― something like, ‘Idea stolen from MAD, which in 1952 we called a short lived satirical pulp!’”

Brobel Design created The Time cover, and its primary artist, Ed Gabel, told Inverse that he hadn’t seen the MAD image. 

I love MAD. I think MAD is a fun read,” Gabel told the website.

CORRECTION: This article previously misstated that Time Inc. is owned by Time Warner. The two companies parted ways in 2014.



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