White House Official Says "Radical Islam," Turns Into Dust

In an unusual development, a White House official said the words "radical Islam" during a press conference this morning and immediately turned into dust. Supervising Language Neuterer Lionel Fullingbrill was answering questions about February's Extreme Extremism summit (E2) when he accidentally said the aforementioned two words and disappeared into a swirling cloud of airborne particles. "I had just asked Mr. Fullingbrill why he wouldn't directly refer to the ideology," said reporter Linda Katryen. "I guess now I know why."

The Obama administration's continued reluctance to mention radical Islam even in print is evidenced in its released statement describing the E2's agenda:

The White House will host an Extreme Extremism summit to highlight worldwide efforts to combat extremism and the extremes to which extremism has been extremely manifest. This extremism has taken on many forms and you know what we're talking about, so we will not sully our good names by "labelling" or "identifying" or "naming" or "addressing" or "acknowledging" it, which would interfere with our plan of hoping it will all quietly go away. Combatting extremism requires great specificity which, taken to its general extremes, would be extremely counterproductive, thus, allowing the extremists to win in extreme fashion. Clear?

Fullingbrill was replaced by Pat Patriot, the New England Patriots' mascot, who discussed the team's upcoming conference championship game against the Colts.