White House )r... Bust? Why Donald Trump Stands To Lose More Than Just The Election

As a crazy reality show host, Donald Trump’s antics are fun to watch in the same way a train wreck is. That same train wreck campaigning to lead the free world, is another story.

In the months since Trump announced his historically insane run for the White House, we’ve come to learn a lot more about the man whose name’s on everything from Shampoo to Golf towels. Pretty much all of it, bad.

Living in the N.Y.C. area, every time I pass a Trump-owned building or property and see people walking in/out, be it a hotel or condo, I think to myself, “How on earth can you put another dollar in this idiot’s pocket?” Personally, if I was currently living in a Trump building, I’d be looking to move, asap. Even if it meant moving back in with my parents. And I don’t think I’m alone in that sentiment.

After blatantly going after everyone from Muslims to Mexicans to veterans to women to gays to liberals, back to women, and pretty much anyone else who disagrees with him, Donald Trump has apparently succeeded in isolating close to 95 percent of the population. Even a good portion of the 1 percenters and the highest ranking members of his own party don’t want anything to do with him. This is unprecedented in American politics.

Thus, if Trump ends up losing ― and, thankfully, all signs are pointing that way ― there could be a yuuge backlash when it comes to folks avoiding staying, buying, or simply visiting one of Trump’s properties.

And, according to this recent Foursquare article, it’s already happening. Apparently, most of Trump’s real estate holdings are in blue states ― (translation: states with fewer idiots) and it appears women in these states are spearheading the charge to pull the pennies from his pockets, one by one.

If he loses his bid for the presidency, Trump will most likely see an exodus of even his most staunch supporters, the likes of which we haven’t seen since O.J. Thus, a few months from now, he could easily go from being inches away from the most powerful office on earth to National Pariah, literally overnight. Imagine Trump seeking asylum in Russia and crashing with Snowden? #TheOddestOddCouple

Forget for a minute all the other crazy stuff The Donald does on a daily basis, and simply take the fact the overall tone of his speeches have been compared to those of a young Adolf Hitler. If you were planning on visiting New York, or Miami, or Vegas, would you book a room at the Hitler House? Me, neither.

However, it’s no secret Trump is a survivor. He’s like an industrial cockroach. No matter how many times the man files for bankruptcy ― I think, last count, there are four ― he always manages to bounce back. And perhaps, if he loses and his condos and hotels and country clubs and spas and casinos all take a hit, he’ll bounce right back?

But, keep in mind, we now know what makes this man tick, and it’s not just his greed and his ego like in the years before. It’s not just his desire to be Yuuuge. It’s his hatred for anyone who doesn’t think like he does or is different from him. And that part of his charm, replayed over and over through the billions of texts and tweets and links from person to person, from father to daughter, from banker to waiter, could prove to be his undoing. Because no one roots for an asshole. That only happens in the movies.

Also, keep in mind, the scores of properties and real estate holdings Trump has put his irreparably-tarnished name on, were not paid in full by The Donald solely out of his piggy bank. Mortgages are owed. Properties were leveraged. Gigantic loans were taken, and the interest on those loans is accumulating as we speak. So, you do the math.

Thus, if you really want to hurt Donald Trump, why waste your time tweeting about him? Simply follow the advice Eddie Murphy gave Dan Aykroyd in Trading Places ― “The best way to hurt rich people is by turning them into poor people” ― and avoid patronizing anything with the Trump name on it, starting now. If we all pull together, this could be yuuuge.