White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest Fields Questions From His Predecessors

It's the White House press secretary's job to field some tough questions. But those questions just don't usually come from former White House press secretaries.

During an appearance on Bloomberg TV’s “With All Due Respect” Tuesday, Press Secretary Josh Earnest took some calls and found predecessors Dee Dee Meyers, Joe Lockhart, Ari Fleischer and Jake Siewart on the other end of the line.

One after the other, the questions touched on Earnest's plans for the future (Hollywood, maybe?), whether Air Force One would wait for him if he ever overslept (the answer was no), if Fox News is playing on the television in his office, and whether or not Earnest's wife is actually better suited for the job. ABC News anchor and White House alum George Stephanopoulos even got in a shot or two.

Watch the full video below: