White House Salaries Released: Which West Wing Staffers Are In The Money?

The White House released a full list of its employees titles and salaries on Friday. Those salaries range from $0 for some policy advisers to $172,200 for Obama's top aides like Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, Special Adviser David Axelrod and Economic Adviser Larry Summers. In total, 23 members of the White House staff earn that much.

The list, however, is topped by two "detailees" -- employees from other agencies who have effectively been lent out to the White House for temporary duties -- who make nearly $179,700 a year.

CNN does the math, and calculates that the "average salary is $82,700 a year, while the median employee salary is $66,000. The lowest full time salary is just under $38,000 a year."

The White House spends a grand total of $38,796,307 a year in staff salaries.

View a selection of the White House's top earners -- those who earn $172,000 or more -- or look below for a full list of White House salaries:

Full list of White House salaries