The White House Creates 'Letters To President Obama' Tumblr

Finally, we get a glimpse of the president's mail.

President Barack Obama famously started his term by announcing he'd read 10 letters a day from ordinary Americans -- and now the public can see them, too.

The White House launched a Tumblr account Thursday to highlight some of the letters Obama receives. 

The first letter, published Thursday, came from an Ohio cancer survivor who had sent the president a letter in 2009 telling him to "stay focused" in his battle to reform America's health care system.

"Then one day, the President sent me a note, then another -- and even called me on the phone. I couldn't believe it," Natoma Canfield's letter reads. She was later able to attend the signing of the Affordable Care Act and meet the president in person. 

"I really believe all of the excitement helped keep me alive. And today, I'm happy to say I'm cancer-free," Canfield added.

By Thursday afternoon, the post had more than 200 notes. Check it out below: