White Men in Polls: Hillary Clinton Challenged In This Demographic

Polling showing White Men supporting Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton questions the priority of what men in these polls value as most important in a President.

As a white male reviewing the presidential campaign between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, I am often dumbfounded in reviewing polls that show Clinton disadvantaged in this one demographic by almost two to one in favor of Trump. In seeing the pundits examine this and spin it one way or the other, and reading commentaries by men in this demographic, it points to reasons of support as being the economy or preference of a man to handle the job better. The other reasons cited by some men in this demographic are Trump providing stability, trustworthiness and a candidate who is straight forward and tells it like it is… and that right there is a big problem.

If men in this voting demographic truly review Trump’s straight forward talk and adopt his mannerisms and positions as told “like it is” as more acceptable than their differing positions on policy and partisan platforms, then what does that say about how the white men in this demographic value Trump’s principles?

Perhaps those men who fall in this type of polling supporting Trump should try doing these three things:

FIRST: Watch Mr. Trump’s message, mannerisms and behaviors in these clips:

1. Trump mocks disabled reporter

2. Trump insults women

3. Trump stereotypes and insults immigrants

4. Trump calling for ban on all Muslims

SECOND: Imagine Trump in meetings with world leaders and representing American values to all cultures and people of the world.
THIRD: If you are a father show these videos to your children and see what they think? If you won’t show them to your children... ask yourself why not?

America is strong because of its enduring spirit and leadership in the world. We are resilient in the face of adversity because our nation’s moral courage and backbone is second to none. We are united because of the leadership that has guided this nation to its place in the world from George Washington onward. We may differ in opinion and philosophy on how to govern but we have never sacrificed our requirement of leaders in public office to include honor and principle in serving as the voice and face of the United States of America. That guiding prerequisite should trump any and all fearmongering, stereotyping and name calling.

White men supporting Trump might be wise to review the two candidates as a choice between an adult versus a child.

Whose behavior and temperament resemble a child and who an adult? If that is used as a standard, the polling for this demographic would be very different.

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