White Men On OkCupid
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white man asks why I don’t date white men

he says he likes curvy Latinas

that he’s always wanted to sleep with someone like me

he says that I’m the smart kind of “Mexican”

the kind that has a job and no kids

I probably have a temper

and an angry woman is sexy to him

White Man offers to buy me

tickets to my favorite rapper’s concert

says he can spoil a little brown girl like me

he’s already dreaming about it

how holy that would be

how saved I will become

White Man is already colonizing everything about me

teaching me he is God,

I don’t know better

It’s his job to show me

after all I am brown

brown things are meant to be walked on

like soil

and hands

and backs

I don’t say anything to White Man

I don’t know who he is

I am only a picture on a dating site

I am only a name on a direct message

A profile description that says I am Salvadoran

and only date men of color


I can only love you

if you know what it is

to find breath in someone

that understands the suffocation

meaning, I can only love somebody

that doesn’t look like

what took everything


I am only willing to love

my reflection

White Man thinks he is the exception

of course he does,

he is a white man

after all

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