'White People Only' Fountain Among The Shocking Allegations Made Against Cotton Warehouse

With claims that seem more from the Jim Crow era than the 21st century, two black workers filed a discrimination complaint against a Tennessee cotton warehouse.

Antonio Harris and Marrio Mangrum allege their former supervisor at Atkinson Cotton Warehouse in Memphis told them the drinking fountain and the microwave were for whites only and threatened to hang one of them if he should attempt to drink from the fountain, WREG reports.

Harris allegedly captured the blatantly racist exchange on his cellphone recorder and shared the clip with WREG (above). The Atlanta Journal-Constitution noted that "recording audio without consent is legal in Tennessee."

The complaint also contends the supervisor waxed nostalgic for segregation and told the two to "think like a white man" and called them "monkeys." The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is mediating with the warehouse owner to hammer out a possible settlement, WREG reports.

Federal Compress, the company that runs the warehouse, told ABC News it had "zero tolerance" for discrimination. A representative said the supervisor didn't work there anymore.

As can be imagined, many were outraged by the allegations. Several comments on Jezebel's write up of the story were punctuated with the familiar abbreviation of disbelief: "WTF."