White People Who Don't F*** With Trump Unite Online To Condemn Him

#WhitesAgainstTrump is trending because people are fed up.

It might be hard to imagine that anything trending about Donald Trump could uplift masses of people on the Internet -- but on Wednesday, #WhitesAgainstTrump did just that. It's about solidarity -- though some question the effectiveness of the hashtag.

People are tweeting about their opposition of the GOP presidential candidate, who's been called out for his racist comments and his proposed discriminatory policies against Muslims and Mexicans -- among his other xenophobic, misogynist and intolerant rhetoric.

The hashtag, which was used by Twitter user @heatherbviola earlier this month and by comedian W. Kamau Bell and author Adam Mansbach in a Salon article published Monday, gained traction during Tuesday's Republican presidential debate and was used to publicly condemn Trump. A Twitter account, @whitesagainstrump was also created to join the movement. 

One Twitter user wrote, "If we are silent in the face of Trump's racist rhetoric, we are supporting his racist rhetoric." 

Check out some of the #WhitesAgainstTrump tweets below:

Many people of color used the hashtag, too, and expressed appreciation for its existence. 

However, there were some who used the hashtag to question its timing and whether targeting Trump's overt discriminatory rhetoric is enough to tackle the other forms of discrimination often presented in less-obvious forms.

What do you think about #WhitesAgainstTrump?

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