'White Power' Signs Aim To Push Hispanics Out Of Denver

'White Power' Signs Aim To Push Hispanics Out Of Denver

Latinos in Denver are speaking out after being targeted by racist signs in their community last week.

The fliers were plastered around northwest Denver causing an uproar among the growing Hispanic community in the area, according to The Denver Post. The signs had messages like “Get rid of poor Hispanics,” “White Power,” and “This neighborhood belongs to the whites now.”

The Latino community promptly took to the streets on Saturday carrying signs that read #WeAreNorthDenver, 7 News Denver reports.

Bobby LeFebre, a local poet and one of the protestors told the local news channel that gentrification was changing the neighborhood.

"They’re calling it an evolution as if what existed there before was some how subhuman but my neighborhood had history," LeFebre said. "To the author of the hate speech spewed across our neighborhood, I invite you to remove your mask and sit at a table with me to discuss your discontent."

Local police are still investigating the incident.

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