White Sox Announcer Delivers What Might Just Be The Worst Home Run Call Ever (VIDEO)

This Might Just Be The Worst Home Run Call Ever

It’s easy to use hyperbole in sports blogging, but the headline here is no exaggeration.

The following clip comes from Tuesday night’s White Sox-Twins game, and believe it or not, the man behind this home run call is not Hawk Harrelson, but broadcast partner Steve Stone.

Stone has been taking turns at the mic doing play-by-play for some innings and subbing for Harrelson. On Tuesday night, the former pitcher produced one of the most atrocious home run calls ever heard. Perhaps Hawk has been rubbing off on him, or perhaps it’s the end of a long, arduous, losing season catching up with Stone.

Here was Stone’s call for a 10th inning Tyler Flowers home run.

“The Giants Win The Pennant” it is not…

“Runner going and fouled off once again. (silence) It’s a home run. Wow.”

Now, one call does not define an announcer. I’ve always liked Steve Stone as an analyst going back to the days when he worked with Harry Caray. He’s one of the great baseball analysts of our generation. But that call was so dreadful and out-in-left-field that it makes John Sterling look like Vin Scully.

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