White Sox Reality Show 'The Club' Debuts This Weekend On MLB Network

Fans of Ozzie Guillen getting bleeped, rejoice: MLB Network's "The Club," a reality TV show following the Chicago White Sox, premiers Sunday.

The first installment in the six-part series will air this Sunday, July 18, at 8pm. It will be an hour-long debut introducing viewers to a colorful cast of characters that includes manager Guillen, GM Kenny Williams and team chairman Jerry Reinsdorf.

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2010 has turned out to be the perfect season for a White Sox drama. Even the preseason was intriguing, as Ozzie's Twitter account caused tension between him and ownership (and hilarity for everyone else).

Then came the season, and the White Sox's 24-33 start. That had sports media questioning the team's personnel, and further exposed tensions between Guillen and Williams. But just as things seemed dire for the South Siders, they went on an inspired run of baseball, winning 25 of their last 30 before the All-Star break.

In their last game, a grand slam by Carlos Quentin powered the Sox to a 15-5 rout of the Kansas City Royals. The win gave the Sox the lead in their division, after being nine and a half games back just a month earlier.

In a conversation with Crain's Chicago Business, Dave Gavant of MLB Productions acknowledged the cinematic quality of the team's season so far:

"There's tension like you'd see in a good summer movie," Mr. Gavant said. "You'll be introduced to a cast of characters. You see some conflict where you wonder if it ever can be resolved. But at the end of the day, everyone pulls from the same rope to deliver a big Hollywood ending. It's playing out like a Hollywood film."

Mr. Gavant added, "This is a very honest and open team. We couldn't have picked a better team to follow. This is a team that wears its emotions on its sleeve."

The first episode will follow the team from spring training through May. It will include interviews with the front office, clips from spring training, locker room pep talks, even office meetings like the emotional scene in which Williams tells rookie pitcher Sergio Santos he's made the team.

The Sox return to action on Thursday against division rival Minnesota.

Watch the trailer for "The Club":