White Supremacy Is A Coincidence

I’m not racist.

How dare you suggest it?

I have a lot of black friends.

Well, not good friends.

But that doesn’t make me racist.

I don’t even see color.

Except blue.

Because Blue Lives Matter.

But only in the context of Black Lives Matter,

Which is incorrect, because ALL lives matter,

Except when they are ended by blue lives and HAPPEN to be Black.

Make America Great Again!

Like in the 50's before the civil rights movement.

Where people who HAPPEN to be Black protested the RIGHT way.

While being quiet and wearing ties.

Not saggy pants.

Like those worn by people who HAPPEN to be Black.

The law is important.

Can’t have law breakers in the country.

People who crossed the border ILLEGALLY are law breakers.

People who HAPPEN to be Brown.

We need to protect our citizens and our families.

Unless they are mixed status families.

Then they deserve to be torn apart.

Families that HAPPEN to be Brown

But the LAW is important.

Unless the government is trying to impose itself.

Then we must bear arms,

Against the government!

But only the government of a President who HAPPENS to be Black.

But, still!

The CONSTITUTION is important.

The First Amendment is IMPORTANT.

Especially when we’re talking about rallies in Virginia,

Or conferences in Berkeley.

But not when NFL players are taking a knee.

NFL players who HAPPEN to be Black.

I don’t see color!

They’re disrespecting our troops!

Troops deserve our support.

Except our trans troops,

And our non citizen soldiers.

Who HAPPEN to be Brown.

They‘re numerically insignificant.

Plus they’re a financial burden.

Like social safety net programs.

Which should be cut.

Programs that benefit people that HAPPEN to be Black.

Why is everything about race with you?

It’s not a swastika,

It’s a medicine wheel!

It’s a historical flag!

They’re just runes!

It’s part of our history!

It’s tradition.

Like statues of slave owners.

Slaves that HAPPENED to be Black.

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