Relive One Of Whitney Houston's Best Live Performances

When Whitney Houston sang, everyone listened. "Whitney Houston Live," a video and audio package celebrating Houston's live performances, is out and in a clip debuting on HuffPost Entertainment, Houston brings a packed house of soldiers to their feet with an exhilarating rendition of "I'm Your Baby Tonight." Taped at the 1991 "Welcome Home Heroes" special, the video shows the late singer at her best: infectiously energetic and wildly talented.

"There's a heated, sensuous, prowling-the-stage Whitney," music industry legend Clive Davis, who produced "Whitney Houston Live," told HuffPost Entertainment. "It really just sends shivers up your spine. You see why every audience gets out of their seats roaring with a standing ovation. All this is real. It’s spectacularly revealing."

whitney houston live

"Whitney Houston Live" features a CD of 16 live audio tracks and a DVD of 18 live performances, including three songs from "Welcome Home Heroes," the 1991 Super Bowl and the 1989 Grammy Awards ceremony.

Davis is credited with discovering Houston when he signed her to Arista Records in 1983 and he helped shape her career until she died in 2012. "Seeing the power of her voice and knowing that true emotional moment is captured … it is amazingly revealing," he said. "As great as Whitney was, as many records as she made, this album not only captures the essence of what made her an all-timer, but it really brings you to another level. So much has been written in the tabloids over the years overshadowed her musical greatness. I would rank her from an all-time basis right up there with Aretha Franklin and Barbra Streisand as our three greatest singers of all time. This shows why in every way."



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