'Whitney' Premiere: What's With The Boozy Divorcee?

Within the first five minutes of "Whitney," the show's M.O. asserted itself and would not go away: relationships, love, sex and the lack thereof in this terrible modern purgatory we call singlehood. The real Whitney worries about this stuff and so too it seems will her fictional pawns. The standout victim so far in a cast of plenty is Whitney's friend Roxy (played by Rhea Seehorn), who pops up for one reason only -- to act as boozy and divorced as possible.

Sad and acid-tongued, Roxy wanders from scene to scene, dropping pearls of divorced-woman wisdom and chugging wine by the glass or better yet straight from the bottle.

"Whitney" fully embraces this and all other stereotypes -- just like that other Whitney Cummings original from this week, "2 Broke Girls" -- to the point you have to wonder if the real Whitney has ever actually met a divorced woman, or if her research ended at watching a lot of Lifetime.

But it's too early to write the whole thing off. New shows often try to endear their characters to a suspicious public by exaggerating their "lovable" personality tics in the first episode (remember the weirdly ditzy Leslie Knope of "Parks and Rec" season one?). A little market research later, and the character's got a whole new set of lovable tics. With that in mind, we want to extend a hand to Roxy. She may be over the top, but who knows how long it'll last? Maybe she'll find an alligator-wrestler who sweeps her off her sad sarcastic feet with a well-timed dance routine that's not at all unmanly, and that'll be that. Goodbye single lady, hello ratings week! Maybe! In the meantime, we've compiled a compendium of her greatest hits from last night. Soak it in, guys. Nothing inexplicably angry can stay.

Video edited by Samuel Wilkes

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