Who Are the 25 Highest Salaried School Administrators in Illinois?


Teacher pensions have been a hot topic in Illinois for a while now. With the state drowning in debt, in large part because of unfunded pension liabilities, it's hard to be a teacher around here these days. But, for school administrators, life in the education sphere is a little more glamorous.

Of course school district superintendents have worked hard to get where they are, holding high-level degrees and decades of teaching experience. In fact, some administrators are raking in six-figure salaries, according to the most recent data available.

We were able to create a ranking of the 25 highest salaried administrators from 2012 data.

As you can see from clicking on the link, some of those salaries are very high. And speaking of high (check out that transition), some lawmakers in Illinois are pushing for the Land of Lincoln to entertain the idea of legalizing recreational marijuana. Currently Colorado and Washington are the only states with legalized weed.

Could Illinois be one of the next states to take that step?