Who Are the 25 Longest-serving Illinois Lawmakers?

One of Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner's campaign platforms is term limits for Illinois lawmakers. He even has a video ad out calling for "Eight years, and you're out." Eight years is the maximum for how long he feels legislators should stay in office, and that's the maximum he'll stay if he's elected, and then reelected, governor.

As it turns out, you have to serve twice that long these days to even crack the Top 25 of longest-serving members of the Illinois General Assembly.


House Speaker Michael Madigan tops the list. He's been in office long enough that when he supports something, it usually happens. And now Madigan is supporting a millionaire tax in Illinois. The race between Rauner and Gov. Pat Quinn is shaping up to be a battle of class warfare, and Madigan's comments are only going to add fuel to that fire. While the merits of the move can be argued, it's hard to deny it was a politically brilliant move by the old veteran of Illinois politics.

While Rauner supports term limits, the more divisive issues of the election will be the focus over taxes, jobs and class warfare in general. Here are some more items taking a look at the race:

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