Who Are You Going To Trust?

I'd rather be in front of this screen or the boob tube than slicing, dicing and doing the healthiest for myself, during my last twenty some odd years I've "nuked" food close to thirty thousand times.
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How seriously do we answer this question? How deeply do we probe into the issue of trust? Do we say we love in the moment and forever be committed into all the ancillary promises that are attached, whether or not they are aligned with our highest good? Or do we spend so much time analyzing a person's validity, track record and statistics that we lose the gift each soul is, in that process?

How about our government? Just because we are born somewhere and our entire family lives nearby, do we acquiesce to absurd and corrupt systems just because it is status quo and where we live, too entrenched to speak up or walk away?

Who do we listen to? Do we listen to the scientists that the government doesn't listen to? Do we listen to eastern or western medicine? Do we listen to the doctor with the ulterior motive of profit on prescribing a drug that costs $7,000 for each dose? There are so many drugs that make the patient sick in the process of getting well. Is that really how we get well, by getting sick first? Or is that the most economically motivated way to do it? Do we have the facility to gather information and attain the best solutions for ourselves or do we give in to the first suggestion, the first opinion. It is easier to take one doctor's advice and not spend the time or money investigating other options? Who are you going to trust?

I'm a logical person. But I'm not a scientific person. The minute a person starts explaining a scientific theory, my selective listening shuts off and the ears attached to my head seem planted on the bottom of my feet instead. Nothing penetrates. I can have said scientist repeat theory three times and maybe by then I've retrieved my stubborn auditory canals and a very reluctant part of me can start to piece together words into thoughts. This is my impediment, and often I use it as an excuse to not try harder. But when my health is on the table, when choices made about diet and exercise suddenly don't seem like just another good idea, but a substantial opportunity to test the powers of the body healing itself, it's a whole different story.

I read this week that eating microwaved food causes lymphatic disorders. Since I'd rather be in front of this screen or the boob tube (or almost anything else) than slicing, dicing and doing the healthiest for myself, during my last twenty some odd years I've "nuked" food close to thirty thousand times. Being diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia in January has brought my reluctant listening devices front and center. I'd heard microwaves were dangerous years ago. I didn't listen then.

I go online and read the Nazis originally developed the microwave oven and after the war both Russians and Allies retrieved that technology. The Soviets banned use of microwaves in 1976 but lifted said ban after Perestroika. Our government has never accepted reports of harmful effects. Is that because there are none or because the lobbyists have sold the gifts of convenience so solidly that those governing us are economically enhanced for supporting the machines that might be harming huge percentages of their constituents? Who are you going to trust?

What about other technologies and their harmful effects over the significant advantages of convenience, entertainment, and enjoyment? One can either educate oneself about the harmful effects of microwave, pesticides, high fructose corn syrup or one can remain blissfully ignorant and keep on keeping on, eating the cheap governmentally subsidized food which fills them up but harms their bodies in the process. We know now and have proof that the SEC caters to Wall Street. We now know and have proof that the FDA caters to food and pharmaceutical interests. Who are you going to trust with the health and well being of you and your loved ones?

I can read anecdotal stories about how people have improved their blood when they gave up their microwaves. I read that blood cells lightened up from a very dark color and no longer stuck together on a slide under a microscope... but what does that really mean and how does that balance out with someone (very scientifically minded) who tells me that "microwave energy is not emitted by the nucleus of the atom" and that "the magnetron in a microwave oven is not a nuclear device."

When I read the website's description of how microwaves work, my own scientific lack of knowledge stands in the way of understanding electromagnetic energy, Mega or Giga Hertz, (DC) or (AC) direct or alternating current. I'd much rather get out and enjoy the beauty of a sunny day than try to wrap my head around concepts that are so foreign to my brain. I don't want to debate whether microwave ovens are safe or not, I just want to know if they are or not. Why is the answer to this and so many other questions so difficult to ascertain? Isn't the concept where there is smoke, there is fire connected to this concept?

There is smoke about microwaves. Not from the food it cooks from the inside out instead of regular cooking devices that cook from the outside in... There are scientists arguing whether it is safe or not, but like the SEC and FDA, whose side are they on? If there is smoke, and possibly fire, isn't it smarter to take prevention even though it might make food preparation more time consuming and inconvenient?

I've turned my microwave into a Tupperware drawer. If by right living I'm able to stay well enough to defend myself from needing chemotherapy in order to get better, then I have the opportunity to wait for the cures that experts are now saying are two to four years away. This is about risk versus reward lifestyle choices. Every single one of us can determine for ourselves what we will eat and how we will fix our food. We can research those who govern us and insist on making a change if the direction we are going in is unhealthy. But it's work. It takes effort. So many are guided by the principle of profit that side effects and sad statistics don't matter.

Who you gonna trust and how seriously do you consider your choice of who to trust?
I'm just asking, because I want to know.