Who are you?

This is a loaded question.  Do we know who we are?  Do others know who we are?  Can you answer any of these questions? 

Honestly, I have never truly known who I was until a few years ago, despite the fact that I thought I did.  I knew I viewed things differently than others and that I seemed to have a gut instinct about people and events.  Did I understand it?  No.  

If I did not understand who I was, how was I supposed to expect others to understand?  It was not until I was in my late thirties that I was introduced to a man who would enlighten me with knowing who I truly am. 

Through speaking with him and taking just a simple questionnaire, I realized that my heart leads me.  I am a giver, helper, guardian angel, and power behind the throne.  I was taken back by this description, but once I dove into what it all meant, I now understand who I was and why I reacted differently to things.

With every personality type, we can be at our best, and we can be at our worst.  At our best, we are on the Green Platform; the positive side.  At our worst, we are on the Red Platform; the negative side.  Knowing the triggers for both have helped me take a step back and view situations differently.  

Through this, I learned that in stressful situations I would slide to the Red Platform and could become possessive, overly accommodating and even change myself to please others.  This is something that I did not want to do.  Before I feel myself going that direction, I stop and take a few breaths and then look at the positive side so that I can stay on the Green Platform. 

In the past, I would not have been able to make this correction because I truly did not know who I was.  Knowing this has helped me both in my professional career as well in my personal life.  

"My attitude is that if you push me towards something that is negative, I will turn that negative into a positive." - Aimee Reese

Once I embraced my true personality, I had to take the steps then to ensure that I am healthy mentally and emotionally.  I needed to make sure that I did not let others sway me to be on the Red Platform and always to be my best self to make sure I make an effort always to remain on the Green Platform.  

This can be hard at times as no matter what, you will always have those that are negative, and you cannot change that in them.  What you can do is make sure you don’t let them drain your energy so that you fall to the Red Platform.  We call these types of people “energy vampires,” and they suck the life out of you.  It is important to find a way that allows you to avoid falling onto the Red Platform. 

The decisions we make, the steps we take, our reactions to different situations; these all stem from our personality type.  Each individual is different with their personality type, and it is up to us to decide how we want to embrace our own. If we decide to take the steps in learning more about this, we need to make sure we are always the best version of ourselves.  It is only when we are at our best that we can allow ourselves to be happy, healthy, and live our lives the fullest potential.  

Recently, I wanted to take this model a step further by having my husband find out which personality type best suits him. With open minds, this has helped us to further understand each other and see how our two personalities are compatible. 

There is a greatness that comes with learning more deeply about who you are.  This comes from yourself and nobody else; the impact and the change it can have is something only you can withhold. So, who are you?  

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Aimee Reese is passionate about administration and understands that behind every successful, high performing executive, there is a motivated, competent, efficient assistant.  Aimee has trained and managed many assistants over her career in a fast-paced environment and is passionate about sharing her experience and helping others achieve their potential. Aimee is the founder of The Green Platform Assistant where she believes “In order for you to grow you have to start with knowing who you are.”   Aimee lives in Kentucky with her husband Eric and two children. 



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