Here's Who Died On The 'Walking Dead' Finale, 'Last Day On Earth'

He's heeeerrreeeeee!

Welcome to "pee pee pants city," "Walking Dead" fans.

Negan's impending arrival on the "Walking Dead" Season 6 finale, "Last Day on Earth," has been dreaded and anticipated for months. Rick Grimes himself, Andrew Lincoln, even called it the "greatest entrance ever written." Well, on Sunday night, it finally happened, and O.M.G.

An episode full of run-ins with the Saviors all led up to a scene where the group, surrounded by Saviors, finally met Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

"Pissing our pants yet?" Negan asks. (Uh, yeah, dude. Just about.)

Rick, Carl, Michonne, Abraham, Sasha, Glenn, Maggie, Daryl, Rosita, Eugene and Aaron (basically everyone who's ever been on the show) all lined up in front of the new villain as Negan started to choose which one would die. The villain said the "eeny, meeny" rhyme as he went from one character to the next. When he finally picked someone, we had the point of view of that character as Negan swung his barbed-wire-covered bat, Lucille, down on their head.

Blood splattered on the screen, we heard screaming and, now, a "Walking Dead" favorite is gone for good. But who could it be? Here are the likely possibilities:

R.I.P., Glenn.

His death has been teased all season long, going back to the whole dumpster fake out. Glenn's death at the hands of Negan is one of the most iconic moments from the "Walking Dead" comic. In the end, there are just too many similarities between what happens in the comic and what happens on the show to assume any different.

Daryl actor, Norman Reedus, even seemed to let it slip before the season that Glenn (Steven Yeun) would die, so it's probably finally time to say bye to our favorite former delivery boy.

May he rest in pizza peace.

R.I.P., Daryl.

Daryl is the second most likely candidate to get the bat. The character has been rumored for a while to be taking Glenn's spot as Negan's victim. Going into the episode, Daryl had already been shot by a Savior, and Reedus teased that fans should be very worried about his character.

Then again, there are other possibilities, too.

R.I.P., Rick? Michonne? Maggie? Someone else?

A scene showing Rick looking nervous before the bat comes down is almost definitely a red herring. There's just too much uncovered material in the comic involving Rick for him to die. Michonne is probably safe, too. We already made a case for why Maggie could be the one to die. And it totally could be her, but with how everything went down, it's hard to see it being anyone besides one person in particular.

Unless there were some magical dumpsters out there for him to crawl under, it looks like this is probably it for Glenn. But please, please let there be magical dumpsters.

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