Who Else Wants to Be a Successful Entrepreneur? You?


Whiners, complainers, victims, and lazy people don't get anywhere.

Barbara Corcoran says it often:

"The difference between the real winners is how long they feel sorry for themselves. My winners feel it... but they come back up and say hit me again."

Are you one of those moaners?

If you are, stop reading right now.

Because you won't like what follows...

There are 4 types of people.

1. The « all the time lazy I don't do nothing » ones
2. The « I know all the reasons there are not to try this and that » ones
3. The « let me do only the minimum » ones
4. The « let me crush it and take massive action » ones.

To help you understand, let's dive into each of these 4 types of people.

1. The all time lazy I don't do nothing ones


Do I really need to describe these people ?

(And I am not talking about the people who are sick or have a medical condition preventing them from working, or from doing anything that might take too much of their energy. Because that energy needs to be directed to their health.)

I am talking about the people who are in top shape, who consciously decide they won't do anything.

And they like it.

Too lazy to work.

To innovate.

To try.

To move.

No contribution to society. And even worse, not even to themselves.

They are lethargic and passive.


2. The I know all the reasons there are not to try this and that ones

That was me.

A couple of months back.

And it was exhausting.

(Happy me, these days are over.)

In this category, you are the world champion of « finding excuses » not to do this and that.

This won't work because...

I won't try because...

This is bad because...

There is this mysterious and unique logic that goes through your mind, and this is often a product of low self-esteem.

For you, there is no point of starting something.

There is no reason to waste all that energy on things that will fail.

"Let me save me time & energy."

In that state of mind, everything is stagnant.

Nothing changes.

Nothing improves.

You become resigned.

It's your destiny.

Anyways, even if you tried you would fail...

You are « falsely » protecting yourself from disappointment.

You lose the game before the referee blew the whistle to start it.

3. The let me do only the minimum ones

I know someone who fits exactly into that category.

A very nice and sweet father.

Dedicated to his wife and children.

Going to work every day, even if he does not like it.

That's his sense of duty.

Doing that brings him a pay check every second week and allows him to pay his bills.

To go to a restaurant once in a while.

To "afford" life.

I asked him one day :

"With everything that you know, have you ever thought about starting your own business ? Or at least, changing jobs for a better one ?"

His answer was clear :

"Looking for another job or entrepreneurship are not for me. I can't take on all that uncertainty. What if I fail? What if I change jobs, and then I lose it? I would be back at square one. I have to provide for my family. They count on me. I am not completely happy, but at least it gives me security."

Another lie that's been entering our brains since elementary school.

Having the same job for a few years (the longest possible) is « secure ». It is preparing you for old age.

A job where they could let you go any day.

A job where you have to ask for days off.

A job where you can have salary raises only if your boss feels like it.

A job where most of the time, you complain about...

I agree. Having a business is not for everybody.

But being stuck at that stage is admitting that even though it's not perfect, you are willing to keep on doing it to contribute to the economy.

That's your perception of security.

About these 3 types

There are ways to get out of there.

Believe me.

Here are a few ideas :
• Being surrounded by the right people.
• Reading the right books.
• Having the right coaches.

But the first step is to acknowledge...

That your situation is not the best and that you can change.

As famous Dr. Phil says: "You can't change what you can't acknowledge."

Because when you are conscious about it and still don't want a better life for yourself, you stay stuck in stage 2...

4. The let me crush it and take massive action ones

These ones are the bomb.

They are aiming for the best.

They want to be on top.

They are willing to work extra hours, do more calls, study more, get out there.

They try.


Try again.


And continue.

There is a huge difference between type 3 and type 4 people.

When you are type 4, you have a big problem thinking about the days where you used to enjoy being a type 3...

With being at type 4, there is no going back.

And you can always increase the intensity.

It keeps you going every day.

Entrepreneurs can be found at types 2, 3 or 4.

But successful entrepreneurs are definitely exclusively types 4.

P.S. Thanks to Grant Cardone, who inspired me to write this article and share the biggest lesson learned from his book The 10X Rule.

P.P.S. If reading this helped at least one of you to take a firm decision to change for the better, I've done my job!