Who Is Chris Rock? Unearthed Video Shows Comic On The Rise (VIDEO)

It sounds strange today, but there was a time not long ago when no one had ever heard of Chris Rock. This rare footage from 1989 shows the young comedian when he was just starting out, doing shows at The Comic Strip Live and other venues all over the city. There's heartwarming interviews with Chris and his mother about the jokes she disapproves of, as well as classic stand-up material previously unheard. Chris jokes about how rich the Cosbys seemed to be yet how they actually knew someone named "Cockroach", as well as some edgier material on whether or kids with AIDS should attend school.

There's also an early look at a bit Rock would do for many years: "If we had a black Vice President, I would kill the president," because everyone in jail would congratulate him. Well, Chris, thankfully you didn't have to go to that drastic of a measure to get Obama elected. (via The Comic's Comic)