Who Is Gary Go?

It's not exactly as big as, say, "Who Shot J.R.?" but all summer long the interweb has been posed a big question: "Who is Gary Go?" The answer is simple, and has nothing to do with Sue Ellen -- and that my friends is the last "Dallas" reference I'll ever write.

Gary Go is a rising UK star whose been gaining momentum by landing a spot touring with proud smutty pop star Lady Gaga abroad, posting quirky videos on his blog (he also posts 3D messages), and performing with just his iPhone at Wembley Stadium. Go's self-titled debut drops next month, and I asked him all about it during an ever-so-brief (but enlightening) interview.

Who is Gary Go? Really.
That would be a cool website -- in fact check out, www.whoisgarygo.com . But really, who is anyone? I'm just a kid from London on a musical journey.

Did you always know you'd become a musician?
Well, my first word was "Octave" which was a good indication I'd end up a musician.

How'd you come up with Go as your surname?
I was a runner in a recording studio and people would bark, "Gary, go get this and that..." So I became Gary Go. Then I got into "Go," the ancient board game and the strategy behind it, and the name stuck.

How long did it take you to make your album?
As it's my debut album, it theoretically took me over 20 years, but two of those were spent in the studio recording it.

How has posting videos online helped get word out on who you are, and what you do?
I post up tour video diaries on my site and youtube and pictures on twitter of interesting and inspiring things I see on the road... I hope [it] gives people a better insight into who I am and allows them to share my journey.

Would you like to collaborate with anybody in particular?
I admire so many musicians it would be too many to list; everyone from Eminem to Peter Gabriel.

Speaking of inspiration, on my own site I often ask who has the best mustache ever and why? Care to answer?
Salvador Dali. It's not how big your mustache is, it's what you do with it.

Well said... Lastly, what are your short and long-term goals?
My short term goal is to now grow a mustache, and then I'd like to play the first gig in space, maybe on Virgin Galactic? Come on Richard Branson, let's make it happen!