How People Around The World Answer The Question: 'Who Is God?'

"The Story of God with Morgan Freeman," is a new National Geographic Channel show that explores this question and more.

Who or what is God, to you?

That is the question people found themselves answering in "Street Spirituality: Who Is God," a new video produced by National Geographic. People from 22 countries, around the world, described what God is to them in the video, and the answers ranged from "a character in a book" to "whatever feeds and gives strength to each person."

Some people, in the video, gave answers like "love" and "everything," which HuffPost Religion has found to be among the most common descriptors used for God.

And while a single word or phrase can only scratch the surface of a person's multifaceted beliefs about the universe, the video is a sneak peek at a new show premiering April 3 on National Geographic Channel called, "The Story of God with Morgan Freeman." In the show, actor Morgan Freeman, the host, travels around the globe, meets with people from different religious and cultural traditions and visits some of the world's most famous sacred sites. Each of the show's six episodes investigates a different subject, like miracles, the concept of evil and, of course, the many different perceptions of God.

"In some places I found answers, and others led to more questions," Freeman said in a press release for the show. "The constant through it all is that we’re all looking to be part of something bigger than us. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that we certainly are.”

Check out the National Geographic's video "Who is God?" above.

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