Who Is The Establishment And How Do They Affect Us?

Who Is The Establishment And How Do They Affect Us?
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And what they underestimate.

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As we come down to the wire in this presidential election, we are hearing about the policies of the candidates, venomous attacks regarding character, what this election means to the Supreme Court, and perhaps most importantly whether a shakeup of the establishment in Washington, DC is in order. Many do not seem to grasp what the establishment is and how it affects our lives. Perhaps we can clear this up herein.

There are essentially three parts to the Washington establishment (aka, "Washington Triad"):

* Lobbyists abound and generously provide money for political campaigns in return for political favors. As such, lobbyists represent the bankers of the triad. Because of their financial strength, they usurp the power of the individual voter.

* Journalists represent the marketing arm of the establishment. They spin the news to promote legislation and are the early warning system for any potential problems for politicians and lobbyists.

* Politicians enact legislation and run the government. Their objective is to make politics a career and reap the benefits from it. They see to it the lobbyists and journalists are amply rewarded for their support. For lobbyists, they assure their programs are implemented. Journalists are given inside scoops to sell their stories. This is not restricted to one party either, but all parties, and dedicated to career politicians.

There are also thousands of bureaucrats, the military, and lawyers, lots of them who offer advice to all three parties at considerable expense.

This triad represents an incestuous relationship. It is also a money machine, designed in such a way so each branch protects the others. How powerful is the establishment? While the rest of the country suffered during the recession, our nation's capitol was awash in money. Keep in mind, there is no manufacturing or major service operations in Washington, just politicians, lobbyists and journalists. According to "This Town" author Mark Liebovich, an observer of DC activities, "Washington now has a higher income per person than Silicon Valley."

Liebovich adds, "The economic boom here in recent years has been a real contrast to the rest of the country. There has been such a flood of money here, the city that was built on public services has been transformed into one built on self-service."

Modifying election laws would go a long way to changing all this, including the implementation of term limits, shortened campaigns, and restricting contributions. Personally, I would like to see a program whereby for every dollar donated to a political campaign, a matching dollar must go to a program to improve the country's infrastructure. Better yet, only allow contributions from citizens, not businesses. This would have a dramatic effect on all three branches of the establishment. Lobbyists wouldn't have the sway over the politicians, the power of the press would diminish, and the politicians would spend more time running the country as opposed to constantly begging for campaign money.

However, let's be realistic, such changes have no chance of passage. You would have more luck shoving a stick of hot butter up a wild cat's ass.

Enter Donald Trump, a political outsider and certainly not a member of the establishment. To the Washington triad, Trump represents a legitimate threat to their comfortable arrangement, which the Clintons are intimate with as well. This is why all three branches are working overtime to take down Trump and protect their fiefdoms.

Interestingly, people are growing wise to the Washington establishment, and becoming madder than hell about it, a la the movie "Network." This is no longer about Democrats versus Republicans, both are guilty; it's more about right versus wrong. All three groups underestimate the angst of the people who recognize the establishment is all about money, their money, and getting little in return.

So, on election day, you can either vote to keep the Washington establishment intact, along with their rigged system, or you can vote to stop the madness and do what is right for the country. It's your choice.

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